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Rules & Regulations

  • Baby Miss, Wee Miss, Tiny Miss, Pixie Miss, Little Miss, Wee Mr., Tiny Mr., and Little Mr. titleholders have no obligations throughout the year. However, it is optional to participate in their town parade with the Director's permission.

  • My participation in this photo contest is voluntary and I understand it is not a prerequisite for competing in the Georgia International Pageant.

  •  I am the Parent or Legal Guardian of a minor submitting photos or I am submitting photos on behalf of myself.

  •  If I am a Georgia Resident, I understand by submitting photos into this contest that I am expected to attend the Georgia International Pageant September 29, 2023 in Vidalia, Georgia, should I win.

  • If I am not a Georgia Resident, I understand that should I win, I am eligible for a scholarship or cash prize and I am not required to compete at the Georgia International Pageant September 29, 2023.

  • ALL contestants must compete at the age they will be the day of pageant.


  • NO full glitz pictures. Full glitz photos will not be included in judging. 

  • Ages 30-56 must be married for at least 6 months in order to win the Mrs. division/title. 


  • One overall winner wins entry into state pageant paid in full(optionals NOT included). In the event the overall winner is out of state you will be awarded a cash prize.

  •  One divisional winner(per age group) - may compete at state pageant for a discounted rate(25% Off entry fee)

  • I also understand that my picture may be printed for publicity.

  • I hereby acknowledge that I have read the official rules and regulations of the Georgia International® Pageants, and that I will comply with them.

  • By signing this, I hereby state that all information contained on this form is true and that I meet all eligibility requirements. Any misrepresentation of the truth will cause immediate disqualification from the competition. I understand that any fees paid are non-refundable.

Your Submission will be complete once payment is received. Thank you!

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