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Meet Your Director:
Eddie Peterson

Eddie Peterson
Happy Hiking

My Mission

I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me, thinking what can I do to make this mountain taller so women after me can see further. 

~ Rupi Kaur

About Me:

Eddie Peterson has been in the pageant industry for 28 years. In 2006 he joined the California International® Pageants family as their director. Since then, Eddie has moved to Georgia and is the proud director of the Georgia International® Pageants, Inc. system. 


He is a native Californian and a graduate with honors from Cal State San Bernardino and holds two Masters degrees in Psychology and Counseling education. He is retired from Desert Mountain Counseling Center where he was a Clinical Counselor facilitating therapy groups and family-counseling sessions for troubled adolescents and young adults.

Eddie is also a motivational speaker on “Overcoming Personal Tragedies” and “Becoming the Victor, not the Victim”. Eddie advocates for individuals who are dealing with abuse and recovery issues. He was a clinician in the San Bernardino school system working with families and children to overcome life challenges. 

Eddie is an Author of the book “You don’t know my life” about overcoming Abuse issues, suicidal ideologies and Overcoming Tragic life events.

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